relax and let healing begin

What is included in the

Reiki Level One  class?

Usui Reiki Ryoho

Shoden Level 1

25 years experience of Reiki practice in private and hospital settings.

In the first Level of Reiki training you learn how to practice Reiki on the self and others.

The class focuses on Reiki practice and you will be practicing Reiki soon after you arrive!

  1. Overview of Reiki spiritual healing practice

  2. History of the system of Reiki and Reiki practice from a  Japanese perspective

  3. Four attunements (initiations)

  4. How to begin your path to self-discovery and practice

  5. The Five Elements of the system of Reiki

  6. Meditations, the Reiki Precepts, and techniques

  7. Learn how to give a self-treatment

  8. Give and receive a chair treatments

  9. Practice a full table treatment and receive a full treatment

  10. Receive a training manual and certificate

  11. On-going support provided and practice classes offered

  12. The class is just the beginning of your Reiki experience. I suggest that you develop a daily personal practice for an extended period before moving on to Second Level. Attending Reiki practice groups can help build confidence and enhance your practice

IET Master Instructor Sharon Yeskel

21 years experience

Integrated Energy Therapy

      TBA Basic, Intermediate

         and Advanced Classes

Please contact me for schedule if you are interested  in any level.



Private residence in Old Bridge

Basic $195 

Intermediate $215

Advance $215                                                             

         IET is a modern energy

therapy technique to …

           Heal with the Energy of Angels

             Learn to practice IET!

It’s fun. It’s easy. It will change your life.

Learn to practice on yourself and others.

Three levels of training  - each a             one-day class.

No experience needed to attend     the Basic Level class.

Energy attunement and certificate given in each class.

Increase your ability to be an energy intuitive.

Discover how to use the IET energy power points.

Clear energy imprints from the human energy field

Complements other energy therapy techniques.

“Get the issues out of your tissues for good!”