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   Testimonials for Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Workshop


I wanted to let you know that after two weeks I am doing well. You may not be aware but the first scheduled surgery for 9/23 which we spoke about was aborted after I was put under for what they saw as a problem. I was then put in contact with a NY surgeon who operated on 9/25 with much success.

Thanks in large part to Peggy Huddleston’s  book and tape along with your amazing session, I was in such a peaceful state that my only concern was having to shave my beard. I listened religiously several times a day before the surgery to the Cd and at night before going to sleep. I planned out how it would go and how I would help my recovery and healing. It was a great help in getting through those strange and long hospital nights and I am certain I relied less on pain medication and more on the thoughts in my own mind to speed up the 5 days at Stonybrook Hospital.

I still use the CD as it has been a great help in planning out my healing goals as well as a great sleep aid.

So thanks again for you very professional session and I am sure glad I listened to Jessica to take the session,

Marc Q. , Marlboro, NJ

“I was scheduled for a complete hysterectomy and I was absolutely terrified. From the start of our conversation, Sharon, you immediately put me at ease. When we started to talk about visualizing myself after surgery with the “End results,” I immediately began to feel more in control and more confident as I acquired the “tools” that I would need to get me through surgery. Asking my friends and family to send me a blanket of love, made me feel like I had an entire support system, an army of people I loved and who loved me guiding me through the surgery process.

I can’t thank you enough for this program. I am extremely grateful for everything you did for me. I have already recommended the program to friends. I have been using the CD whenever I need a little extra help to remain calm and relaxed. It is so easy, yet so effective! I am a true believer in the program. Thank you again.”

Michelle Nurre, Cincinnati, OH

“Your assistance with the relaxation exercises, in particular the end result imagery, was instrumental in helping me prepare for my surgeries and in feeling at peace prior to my surgeries. The week before my surgery, I was still a bit anxious, but the added benefit of vivid imagery (the way you helped me create specific images of the 3 scenes I had in mind) really guided me through the relaxation exercises.........The last two days before the surgery I was at peace with everything and the morning of the surgery, despite a delay in scheduling, I was able to remain at peace with everything.......Also, just speaking to you about all the techniques/stages from the book helped make them less mystical and more “normal.” ...Discussing all this with you was extremely helpful in helping me embrace the value of the steps and  explain it to others. Lastly, it was nice of you to reach out to me after the fact to see how I was doing and to reinforce the techniques of Peggy’s book. Thanks again for your help and encouragement. I do plan, as I mentioned, to pursue additional Reiki session in the future.”

Maria Taylor, Needham, MA

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer last August and was immediately scheduled for a mastectomy. It all happened very quickly. I was in shock from the diagnosis and terrified by the upcoming surgery. Sharon walked me through the “Prepare for Surgery” program and showed my how to use healing imagery to replace the scary movie I was playing in my head.

I did my “homework” and  I listened to the relaxation CD the first thing in the morning and the last thing every night. All my life I have been a worrier and  I couldn’t believe how within just a few days my worries started to lessen. I actually became calmer and calmer as the day of the surgery approached. My family and friends couldn’t believe how well I was handling this very difficult situation. 

The surgery went very well. I experienced very little pain and hardly used any pain medication. The doctors were impressed with my recovery. I still use the relaxation CD when I start feeling anxious and it immediately relaxes me. Thank you, Sharon for introducing me to this wonderful program and putting my at ease. Because of your help and caring nature, I feel able to face whatever health challenges may come my way.

Janet D., Cincinnati, OH

"I was not scheduled for surgery, but I was experiencing anxiety. Using the "Prepare for Surgery" guided relaxation and imagery, I experienced the distinct benefit of utilizing Sharon's unique methods in order to reduce stress and relieve anxiety. The meditative nature of the session and the guidance I received lead me to a state of calm that enabled me to truly relax both emotionally and physically. The fact that I could repeat the meditation on my own by using the Peggy Huddleston relaxation CD at home was an enormous benefit. Sharon's composure, voice and nurturing qualities created a sense of ease and peacefulness that helped with my stress level and other emotional strains. This is a significant and synergistic approach that complements other modalities."

Phil, Marlboro, NJ

For Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy

Felt like the best nap ever!

                                                       Sylvia J., Bronx, NY

As someone who takes Yoga and Pilates regularly and is interested in all things mind-body, I wasn't sure what to expect from a Reiki session.  I wasn't a skeptic but the notion was hard to wrap my head around.......until I experienced it!  It's truly amazing and absolutely therapeutic.  You HAVE to experience it to understand what I mean.  Try it and see!  Sharon will make you feel totally comfortable and at ease. 

Cheryl H., Holmdel, NJ

I took IET Basic,Intermediate and Advanced with Sharon in 2010. I've learned a couple other energy healing techniques, but the IET Angel Heart Link is the most valuable. I use it often and have great results. I am truly grateful for this gift. I also had a private IET session with Sharon during which a deep emotional wound showed up. Sharon guided me and supported me lovingly and capably to help me to release it. She is truly an “Angel send.”

Yan, Edison, NJ


"Since I started Reiki/IET two months ago, the change in my physical condition and spirit is unbelievable.  The healing for me is both physical and mental - because of the hands-on healing process my muscles are much more relaxed, my arthritic hands are less painful, my heel spur is almost non-existent and my general physical well-being and flexibility have increased.  During Reiki, I have the opportunity to meditate. I find setting an intention and meditating on that intention is very effective for me and the positive effects last for quite a while.  My soul and my body have benefited from Reiki and IET much more than I thought was possible.  Thank you Sharon!"


Linda B., Old Bridge, NJ

"I am forever grateful for meeting Sharon. I am a Level II Reiki Practitioner & an Intermediate Level Practitioner for Integrated Energy Therapy. Additionally, I had the opportunity to learn the techniques for Preparing for Surgery with Sharon. All of these integrative healing modalities have helped me tremendously over the past 11 months especially during very difficult times. I look forward to advancing my knowledge & skills in Reiki & I.E.T with Sharon.


The best part is that I am able to practice daily on myself, and also on my 5 year old son every evening. It has become our special time. My husband and my daughter look to me for Reiki when they are in need, and without fail, it leaves them with a smile.


An even greater blessing is the ability to practice Reiki on clients & friends and listening to each individual experience after each session. Surprisingly, the detail of experiences are even more profound to whom I send distance Reiki. Each day is a new learning experience & I am blessed for having the chance to tap into my intuitive nature to serve those who need".           

Elizabeth Frimere, Aberdeen, NJ

When I began attending Sharon’s Reiki Healing Circle, I expected to enjoy practicing my skills. I did not  realize that I would  gain a more positive outlook  and more confidence. Working in a higher vibrational atmosphere with like-minded people continues to be a wonderful experience for me.

Nancy B., Central, New Jersey

I have known Sharon for over two years, and I have enjoyed and benefited from that friendship.I have completed First and Second Degree Reiki classes and Basic and Intermediate IET classes and in June I intend to complete my third class in Reiki. Sharon is a very gentle, sharing, caring and loving teacher and person. I feel very fortunate to have Sharon as my teaching instructor and my friend. Thank you, Sharon.

            Frankie R., Ocean Township, NJ